"The program provided me with explicit regulatory knowledge through the joint IP/FDA course...  I met my FDA contact through this same FDA/IP course which is what has landed me a job that I love!"
MTI (2014)
Erin Keegan
Combination Product Policy Analyst
Biomedical Engineer and Lead Reviewer
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"... from clinical needs finding to, project vetting, to prototype development, to regulatory and IP strategy, to business plan development, it has all been extremely useful! "
MTI (2014)
Spencer Klubben
Foundation Medicine
Product Manager
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"The two month rotation gave us the experience to communicate with different types of clinicians and allowed us to really understand how medical devices are used in a clinical setting."
MTI (2014)
Mohammad Musleh
Bausch & Lomb
Lens Design Engineer
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"The two month clinical rotation was great! It was the first time I’d been in on cases and it was really valuable to have the opportunity to interact with surgeons and physicians on a daily basis."
MTI (2014)
Ryan DeAngelis
Field Clinical Studies Engineer II
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"The design aspect of the program introduces students to the terminology and design processes used in the industry, which makes transitioning into industry easier..."
MTI (2014)
Matthew Crilley
Pulse Technologies
Quality Engineer II
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"The connections made with professionals that would visit the program was also key..."

"I find myself constantly using the skills I learnt in the program..."

MTI (2018)
Raiem Smith
Unither Pharmaceuticals
Validation Specialist
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"I often lean on not only the knowledge gained in courses such as FDA and Device Design, but also the leadership and presentation skills that I further developed in the program."

MTI (2019)
Kwasi Nimako
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Associate Sustaining Engineer
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"The devotion from the staff and various experts in the field brought in to mentor the students on specific applicable subject matter is unparalleled..."

MTI (2018)
Evan Sosnow
Johnson & Johnson
Clinical Account Specialist
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"I've been given many different responsibilities and projects and have been able to pick things up and learn the industry much faster than if I had tried to make the transition as an undergraduate."

MTI (2019)
Gavin Hambrose
Design Engineer
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"I truly loved how CMTI provided a comprehensive view of medical device design including the engineering, entrepreneurial, medical, and legal aspects... (it) has equipped me to be a better physician."

MTI (2019)
Christian Keenan
University of Massachusetts
Medical School
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"That they are required to have an understanding of quality systems, project management and other industry practices speaks volumes about the university’s commitment to preparing their students... "

Industry expert
Paul Buckley
Applied Sciences Group
Former President
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