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Applications are processed through the Department of Biomedical Engineering Graduate CommitteeThe program begins on July 1st, and lasts until mid-June of the following year

In order to fill out an application for our program, you must first register with the Hajiim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.   This will protect the privacy and security of your application. Once created, you may access your account at any time, using your registered email and self-selected password.


The first name, last name, and email address information that you enter on your application should be consistent with the profile information you use in setting up this account.

  • If you are an international applicant, please provide your name as printed on your passport.
  • If you are a U.S. applicant, please provide your official name as printed on government issued documents.


It is important that you update your email address in your profile whenever it changes.  The email address in your profile is what we will use to communicate with you regarding the status of your application. The CMTI and Department of Biomedical Engineering is housed under Arts, Sciences and Engineering.


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