Program Requirements

M.S. Program Requirements

The CMTI offers a one-year MS degree program through the Department of Biomedical Engineering specializing in medical technology and innovation. This area of specialization provides a unique educational experience in both clinical observation and bioengineering design. This program is part of the Plan B coursework structure.  

Students within the program will enroll for 30 credit hours during academic year. Six hours are devoted to clinical and design practicum (clinical needs assessment, project proposal, R & D, patent work) and 24 hours of supplemental course work.

Core Curriculum (16 credits):

  • BME 498 – CMTI Summer Rotation (full-time, tuition-free 8 week experience in the Operating Room) 
  • BME 535 – Medical Device Design (4.0 credits)
  • BME 431 – Pathways to Medical Innovation – FDA and Intellectual Property (2.0 credits)
  • BME 432 – Pathways to Medical Innovation – FDA and IP Commercialization (2.0 credits)
  • OPT 481 – General Management of New Venture (4.0 credits)
  • BME 495 – Master’s Research in BME (4.0 credits)

Elective Courses (14 credits):
Electives provide students with additional breadth and depth in subjects important for their individual areas. These courses are offered through the Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Basic Science Departments in the School of Medicine, as well as in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences.

BME Intensives and Approved Engineering Courses can be found on the BME M.S. Curriculum page.

  • Three BME Intensive or Approved Engineering Courses (10.0 credits)
  • One Graduate Biology course (4.0 credits)

BME Seminars
The BME Seminar Series brings in regional experts in biomedical engineering and technology commercialization to speak on special topics relevant to the BME community. All graduate students including the CMTI MS students must register for the BME 496 course in the Fall and Spring semesters. The BME Seminar Series (BME 496) is typically on Tuesdays at 8:30am in Goergen Hall (Rm 101). Occasionally, seminars will also be held on Thursdays at 8:30am also in in Goergen Hall (Room 101).  

Attendance to the BME Seminar Series is mandatory for all BME graduate students including CMTI MS students.


Additional Requirements

Teaching Assistantship
All CMTI MS students receiving tuition-based scholarships are required to serve as Teaching Assistants (TA). CMTI MS students often complete this requirement by serving as a Teaching Assistant for the BME Senior Design course within the undergraduate BME program. This assignment offers an opportunity for MS students to gain experience in project management and supervision, while offering exposure to the product development process in a wider variety of devices. The program and TA experience is spread over two semesters, thus balancing with other coursework over the course of the year. In some circumstances, CMTI MS students may be asked to serve as a TA in other BME courses.

Final Exit Exam
A student must pass a comprehensive oral examination. This examination is based on the design experience and coursework throughout the year. A written document is submitted, followed by an oral presentation and questions from an examining committee. In addition to the design and commercialization coursework, questions will be drawn from courses satisfying the BME Intensive, Approved Biology and Approved Engineering requirements.


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