Sponsor a Project

Sponsor a Project

The University of Rochester’s Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Senior Design Programs offer students the opportunity to solve real-world problems, often resulting in the development of prototype devices or research instruments. In Biomedical Engineering, students learn to consider design in a systematic customer-focused approach over the course of one or two semesters. In addition to offering the students an outstanding experience in design, testing and documentation, these projects may offer YOU an opportunity to develop solutions to your most vexing clinical, biomedical research or assistive technology problems. Most teams are supervised by faculty and/or other experienced engineers, who provide technical and project management guidance. Students deliver prototypes, extensive reports and oral presentations to document results of testing and considerations for further implementation. Often, our teams and their customers work with our Office for Technology Transfer to disclose their inventions and consider patent applications, but we are also willing to work with inventors with previously disclosed concepts. Many teams have had success beyond the classroom, with winning entries in a variety of local and national design and entrepreneurship competitions, and even a start-up company. Our students often credit this capstone experience as critical in refining their interests and helping them in many stages of their careers.

There are many potential benefits for YOU as well:

  • Full benchmarking of alternative technologies 
  • Iterative prototyping of your technology to demonstrate a "proof-of-concept"
  • Development of testing platforms to highlight your "unique selling proposition"
  • Research and consideration of the other issues involved in further implementation including regulations, market size, manufacturing alternatives, and clinical trials
  • Periodic milestones to keep the process moving
  • Potential collaboration with other investigators or external partners 

Our teams have supported local start-ups in developing new technologies or consider new applications, helped faculty identify collaborations and prepare SBIR applications, connected customers with manufacturing or companies or licensing partners and have worked with larger companies to develop novel testing platforms. Projects have resulted in Provost Multidisciplinary Awards, CTSI Pilot funding, and support from the UR Technology Development Fund. We are willing to work on both “custom” projects for individual clients (especially those with special needs for accessibility), but will also consider the broader applications of the design solution for a wider market. We are most interested in projects without a planned prototype concept, to offer our students the greatest opportunity for creativity. Our program directors will work with you to develop a formal agreement related to intellectual property, cost structure, and anticipated time commitments. The course instructors are always seeking new challenges for students – please bring us YOURS!

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