Andrew Bochenko

UR BME BS 2009

Concentration: Cell & Tissue Engineering

Duke Eng Management MS 2010


Concurrent with BS:

Summer (freshman): Systems Development Lab Technician at Nanogen

Summer (sophomore): Biochemical Research Lab Assistant at UC San Diego

Summer (sophomore): Systems Development Engineering Intern at Nanogen

Summer (junior): Systems Development Engineering Intern at Nanogen

Summer (before MS): Financial Analyst Intern at CRISI Medical Systems


Concurrent with MS:

8 mo: Medical Patent Analyst Intern at Office of Licensing and Ventures of Duke University

3mo: Clinical Spine Research and Testing Intern at NuVasive

1 yr: Senior Project Engineer (part time) at Medici Medical Technologies


After MS:

5 mo: Engineer (part-time) at CRISI Medical Systems

2 yr: Global Product Manager at Medtronic Diabetes

Current: Senior Product Manager, Bigfoot Biomedical

Champion of voice of business and voice of customer on new product development teams.

“There often will be a number of qualified candidates for an open role, so distinguish yourself by who you know and how you communicate. Network, build relationships, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Job search engines are great for identifying companies, but you’re much more likely to get your foot in the door if you build a contact there. LinkedIn is a great tool to get started with this.”



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