Big Ideas in Science and Medicine Competition

The Big Ideas in Science and Medicine Pitch Competition, hosted by SMD Entrepreneurs at UR, was a showcase of innovation and ambition. On March 28, nine student teams pitched their groundbreaking ideas to a panel of esteemed judges for a chance to win $1,000. 


This event underscored the robust entrepreneurial spirit fostered among students, merging scientific innovation with sharp business strategies. Team W.E.L.D., comprising Jazmin Phommavanh, Judy Monickaraj, Aveisha Maharaj, and Ignacio Rodriguez, took the top spot with their medical device, underscoring the immense potential of student-led initiatives in addressing contemporary challenges. Following closely was Alex McMullen, a CMTI MS alum and current PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at UR, securing second place.


Congratulations to all participants for pushing the boundaries of science and medicine!

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