Career Conversation with Katie Bush, PhD

Career Conversation

with 2003 University of Rochester BME Graduate:


Katie Bush


Senior Manager, Medical Affairs

Tissue Technologies at Integra LifeSciences


August 2015


As the CMTI students wrapped up their clinical practicum, they had a terrific conversation with Dr. Katie Bush ’03, who completed her undergraduate training at the University of Rochester.  Dr. Bush is a member of the BME External Advisory Board and was thrilled to learn about the CMTI’s MS program, which offers an ability to develop hands-on skills in the early concept development phase.  She pointed out to the students how “lucky you are to be at a university that recognizes the value of this”.


Upon completing her PhD at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Katie has worked at three companies at different phases of the innovative product development phase – from a start up, Connective Orthopaedics, with 3 employees, to TEI Biosciences with 300 employees, recently purchased by Integra Life Sciences, with 3000.  As a Principal Scientist, her role has been serving as a link between sales, marketing, R&D and clinical sciences.  Thus, she has an appreciation of the importance of our CMTI’s exposure to the clinical environment, training in business issues and considerable experience in the product development process.


Dr. Bush’s description of a case study about the refinement of tissue processing for wound healing applications offered an outstanding introduction to the design process that the CMTI students will undertake during the next nine months.  This kind of close interaction with alumni in the medical product industry is not only great networking and career exploration, but also offers great motivation for our students.





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