Chris Wattengel

UR BME BS 2000

Philadelphia, PA


After BS:

10 yr: Various R&D positions at Kensey Nash Corporation

2 yr: Senior Manager of Biomaterials at Kensey Nash Corporation

10 mo: Director of Biomaterials Research and Development at Kensey Nash Corporation

Current: Senior Manager, Innovation DSM Biomedical

“A couple of pieces of advice I would give to undergraduates, as well as graduates is to get as much experience as you can while you are in school. Whether that is through co-op experiences(particularly if they want to directly enter industry), summer internship, or research experiences. Kensey Nash extensively uses co-op and summer students, and will often hire them following graduation (think of it as a 3-6 month interview) if they are good.  We work with many medical device companies and I can say that most want some experience when they are hiring, which is tough to get coming directly out of school. If they don’t have this experience coming out of school, and can’t find a permanent position, they might try looking for a longer co-op position to get some experience. As you mentioned, networking is also a good idea, you never know where it could lead.” 

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