Congratulations! Lauren Seitz hired at Medtronic!

2017 Alumnus of the CMTI program, Lauren Seitz, was hired as an Associate Advanced Manufacturing Engineer by Medtronic in Danvers, MA.  She has been placed on the team that works on transcatheter aortic valve replacement delivery tools, which is right up her alley.   Lauren was an integral member of the Cardiovascular group in 2017 that worked on a customized retraction device used in heart surgery.   We wish Lauren well in her new endeavors at Medtronic!

Here are a few comments from Lauren about the interview process and how the CMTI helped her!

“The CMTI program was instrumental in preparing me for the interview process. It put me in front of a wide variety of professionals such as surgeons, CEOs, patent attorneys, and other engineers to talk about our work. This gave me a lot of confidence and made talking about our product and my experiences so much easier in an interview setting because I had done it so many times before. In addition to this, I gained so many real-world experiences to talk about that I feel really gave me an advantage over other candidates. Throughout the program, I was able to take the knowledge I learned from unique classes, such as FDA & IP and Quality Engineering & Robust Design, and apply it straight into our design project. This allowed me to not only say that I had learned about different methods and techniques, but also give specific examples of how I had used them. Plus it was pretty cool to be able to tell the interviewers that I had seen their products being used in the operating room. ”  

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