CMTI Students present top unmet needs to medical device experts!

From left to right: CMTI Students: Brittany Garrison, Kerry Donnelly, Spencer DeCinque and Sadedine El-Homsi, external reviewers: Nate Couper, John Longuil, and Rami Katz.
From left to right: external reviewers: Jim Gabalski and Patricia Rader, CMTI Students: Bethany Lennox, Caeli Quiter, and Courage Tsiagbe, external reviewers: Jim Milch and John Fahner-Vihtelic.
From left to right:external reviewers: Philip Bryan and Paul Buckley, CMTI Students: Margaret Ferrari, Lauren Seitz, Kyle Meyers, and Ian Baranowski, and external reviewer Sujeet Sudhir.
CMTI Students: Margaret Ferrari, Kyle Meyers, Lauren Seitz, and Ian Baranowski.
CMTI Students: Ian Baranowski, Margaret Ferrari, Lauren Seitz, and Kyle Meyers.
From left to right: CMTI Students: Brittany Garrison, Spencer DeCinque, Sadedine El-Homsi, and Kerry Donnelly.


All students participate in a review session to evaluate their top needs with Industry experts.  These experts provide guidance on choosing the final needs that students will pursue as projects within the CMTI.  The session gives you practice presenting in front of corporate executives and serves as a networking experience that brings you in direct contact with leaders in the medical device industry.  In prior years, these events have been fruitful for students.  Nate Couper (former CMTI student) was later hired by John Longuil (CEO at FTT Manufacturing) whom he first met at one of these sessions.  

The following individuals served as external reviewers during External Needs Review Sessions:

  1. Jim Gabalski (VP Growth and Development at Emerge, former VP of Marketing for North America Infection Control at Getinge)
  2. Jim Milch (Former Director of Research and Innovation at Carestream Health)
  3. Patricia Rader (Executive Vice President, Raland Compliance Partners), LLC
  4. John Lingual (CEO at FTT Manufacturing)
  5. Nate Couper (Engineer at FTT Manufacturing, former CMTI MS Student)
  6. Rami Katz (Chief Operating Officer at Excell Partners, Inc.)
  7. Sujeet Sudhir (Project Engineer and Business Development, Volpi USA)
  8. Paul Buckley (President at Applied Sciences Group)
  9. Philip Bryan (Global Product Manager at Ortho, formerly Ortho Clinical Diagnostics)
  10. Sujeet Sudhir (Project Engineer and Business Development, Volpi USA)
  11. John Fahner-Vihtelic (Senior Licensing Manager, UR Ventures, University of Rochester.

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