Lisa Bobich, PhD

UR BME BS with Spanish minor 2004

Arizona State University  Bioengineering MS 2008

Arizona State University  Bioengineering PhD 2010

Phoenix, AZ


Concurrent with BS:

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Programming, and Workshop Leader for Circuit Analysis


Concurrent with MS/PhD:

1 semester: Teaching Assistant at ASU

1 yr: NSF Fellow in local middle school science class

6 yr: Graduate Research Associate at ASU


After PhD:

6 mo: Intern at Medtronic

3 mo: Contractor at Medtronic

Current: Senior Product Engineer and Sourcing Engineering Process Coordinator at Medtronic

“Search for medical device companies and apply to any position that looks interesting; apply to all positions even if you don’t feel fully qualified – the company can decide whether to consider you or not (i.e., don’t filter yourself out by not applying); at my company, a lot of biomedical engineers work in the quality role. the best way to land a role is to network – I did this by finding an internship when I could not find a full-time position and then used the internship to network and find a full-time position.”

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