Raiem Smith

Unither Pharmaceuticals

Validation Specialist

“The year I spent in the CMTI Program was one that I have no regrets for! The time spent in the operating room to observe first hand the procedures that surgeons were conducting really provided a perspective that I see as invaluable when designing medical devices. It was one thing to stand in an observation room and watch a procedure, but it really is a new way to view them once you’re in the room. So many observations would have been missed without being there alongside the surgical staff!

The classes in the program are very well tailored to provide a deep understanding of not only what it means to design a device, but also the FDA’s role in medical devices and the Intellectual Property that goes on, which I believe is a rather important piece that is often overlooked. The connections made with professionals that would visit the program was also key as it allowed for critique on our projects from the eyes of a person that works on an everyday basis in the medical device industry. Even now as I work in the pharmaceutical industry, I find myself constantly using the skills I learnt in the program, which just goes to show the broad application the program and the skills and knowledge gained from it can have on the future career path one might take.”


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