Company Search Strategies

Company Search Strategies


The following are resources that can be used to identify pertinent company information when job searching or researching the medical device industry. Information such as background, locations, subsidiaries, size, product/service sectors, and more can be compiled from the company webpage and profiles, third party databases, and industry webpages create a complete picture of employers and current markets in the medical device and technology division. Descriptions of each resource and some advice on how to best utilize them are as follows.

Company Webpage

Basic company information can be found although some information is omitted that can be found in the company databases. Online career pages are one of the key functions of the webpage. Be sure to have a thorough look through this section as internships, post graduation rotational programs, and job application strategies unique to the company are usually posted. In regards to job searching through the online page, have an open mind. Search for more than just “engineer” as your degree is versatile and the job title may not be specific to engineering.


Basic company information can be found on company profiles although not as expansive as the third party databases. An advantage to this resource is the ability to see profiles and connections to current employees for networking and company specific career paths. Top news stories, press releases, and in some cases job postings can be found through the company profile.

NAICS Classifications

A standard coding system used to classify companies based upon their main product or service provided. Companies can be searched directly or by specific code. Some NAICS codes for medical device technology are:

  • 339112: Surgical and medical instrument manufacturing
  • 339113: Surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing
  • 541922: Research and development in biotechnology
  • 334118: Biometrics system input devices

IBIS World

An industry market research and risk ratings webpage with industry specific information based on NAICS classifications and other standards. Information presented includes: key players, industry specific definitions, top news and activities, similar industries, and referral sources for more information. Current market status and a background of the industry you are interested in is important when interviewing for positions. Note that a login to University of Rochester libraries is necessary to access this database.

MDDI: Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry

A webpage designed for manufacturers of medical devices to help “professionals develop, design, and manufacture medical products that comply with….regulations and market requirements.” Browsing this site will keep one up to date on the news of the medical device industry with FDA regulation changes, new products and research, major news stories, blogs for collaboration.


An independent journal highlighting the “latest medical gadgets, technologies, and discoveries” from MDs and biomedical engineers. The information presented will keep one up to date on current news neatly organized into specific fields of the medical device industry.

MDT: Medical Device Technology

A community based website that shares the “latest products, services, and technologies available to designers and manufacturers in medical devices.” Subcategories include: articles, blogs, top products, resources, and service information such as fabrication, manufacturing, packaging, and testing.

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