Spencer Klubben

Foundation Medicine

Product Manager

Spencer currently works at Foundation Medicine as a Product Manager.  Foundation Medicine (FMI) is a oncology precision medicine diagnostics biotech located in Cambridge, MA.  Using Next-Gen Sequencing, FMI provides curated personalized reports suggesting on-label, off-label, and clinical trial therapeutics for cancer patients based on their tumor’s DNA.   At FMI, Spencer works in the Data Technology Products group which leverages FMI’s vast genomic data to advance precision medicine form drug development, to clinical trials, to point of care.

Previous to Foundation Medicine, Spencer worked at Corning Incorporated (a Fortune 500 company) and Versalume LLC (a startup company) in a variety of technical, strategy, business development, and product roles.  In these positions, Spencer was responsible for developing and commercializing Corning and Versalume’s medical and clinical technology portfolios.   His role involved a mix of product development, business strategy, and business development for medical applications of Corning’s current technologies and existing capabilities.  “In this position I have drawn upon all of my experiences from the CMTI Masters program–from clinical needs finding to, project vetting, to prototype development, to regulatory and IP strategy, to business plan development, it has all be extremely useful! Since I was the initial technical point of contact for our existing and future customers, the clinical experience I gained through the CMTI program has immeasurably helped me discuss, discover, and relate to the most pressing clinical needs Corning’s technologies are most apt to solve.”


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