Congratulations! Caeli Quiter hired at CooperVision

2017 Alumnae of the CMTI program, Caeli Quiter, was recently hired to work at CooperVision at their Rochester Facility as a Continuous Improvement / Quality Assurance Engineer.  Caeli was a team member of the Anesthesiology group in 2017 that worked on a optical technique for carrying out epidural injections.   We wish Caeli well in her new endeavors at CooperVision!   Here are a few comments from Caeli following her first month on the job!

“The CMTI gave me a lot of insight on the collaborative aspect of engineering through Voice Of the Customer with surgical staff and project management with the senior design teams. A lot of what the Continuous Improvement side of my job entails is Root Cause Analysis on the machines and working with different types of engineers on various projects to improve communication and efficiency throughout the facility.” 

“The CMTI also prepared me for the QA side of the job as well. Our FDA class was so unique and integral to the foundations of knowing your boundaries as an engineer. I’ve been devising quality plans, deviation reports, and will soon be moving onto many more quality related documents.”

“One of the most paramount lessons that I acquired from the CMTI and the University of Rochester in general, was a strong work ethic and the ability to continuously challenge myself. I know when I can successfully say that I completed a task. It’s important to keep pushing your limits in this field and I’m grateful for the challenges in the CMTI and the ones to come with this position.”



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