Congratulations! Courage Tsiagbe joins the 78th Medical Group of the Air Force!

2017 Alumni of the CMTI program, Courage Tsiagbe, recently completed officer training and has joined the 78th Medical Group at Robbins Air Force Base in Atlanta within the Bioenvironmental Engineering group.   His job will be to help lead a team of civil, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineers to develop measures that prevent and solve issues of nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological hazards and threats.   Courage was a team member of the Anesthesiology group in 2017 that worked on a optical technique for carrying out epidural injections.   We wish Courage well in his new position within the Air Force!   Here are a few comments from Courage following his completion of officer training:

“(In my new position,)  I must be knowledgeable on a wide array of things ranging from interviewing, conducting research, building safety devices and maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations. I feel confident and prepared because the CMTI program focused not only on the biological and engineering aspects of things but also strongly on regulatory regulations such as the FDA. “

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