Martin Gira

Sr. Research Engineer

Office: 601 Elmwood Ave. RM 5-8509

Martin Gira is a Senior Research Engineer who offers design, prototyping and manufacturing guidance to students in the CMTI. With >30 years of experience at the University of Rochester Medical Center, providing engineering and design support for a variety of research fields, he has created hundreds of devices for use in basic science and clinical research in the Dept. of Neurobiology and Anatomy, the Center for Visual Sciences, and the Dept. of Physiology.  He manages our prototyping facilities and has expertise in instrumentation, additive manufacturing, machining, electronic design and printed circuit board fabrication, and solid modeling.  Martin develops workshops and trains CMTI MS students on many of these topics.   An active participant in our design process, Martin’s creativity and expertise contribute to many prototypes in the CMTI.