Nathan Couper

R&D Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nathan started as a project engineer responsible for leading contract product development services at FTT. As a member of the FTT Medical division, there is a strong emphasis on medical device development and design for manufacturing, where applicable projects range in development stage from infancy to post-market release optimization. Because FTT provides services to a variety of medical and industrial customers, their work is not limited to a single field or discipline. This allowed for significant exposure to the industry as a whole and forces FTT to not only be highly regulated by several industries (i.e. medical, aerospace etc.), but be knowledgeable regarding a vast amount of new technologies, designs, and processes. Outside of product development, Nathan provided engineering support via 3D solid modeling, rapid prototyping, fixture design, process development, and quality control. Additionally he functioned as an account manager within the medical division where he assisted with quoting new projects and overseeing the resultant product manufacturing for a few medical device customers.

More recently, Nathan has taken a position as Product Development Engineering (1) at LSI Solutions located in Victor, NY